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I found a love for User Experience Design after pursuing Economics at university. This may seem like a drastic change, but they're very similar in some ways.
Research, data, and consumer behavior analysis gave me a unique perspective to solve problems with intuitive and purposeful design.


Helping people makes me happy; I'm a member of a local NGO in my hometown called Vihan to empower impoverished children through advanced education.
Speaking of digital ecosystems, I'm satisfied when I put users at the heart of the design process and make them happier.


When it comes to working with and in teams, I'm the one who usually shares the screen and leads the meeting, tells fun stories, organizes documents, and creates beautiful slide decks.

Outside of design, you can find me running, getting a breath of fresh air while exploring the beautiful outdoors, cozying up indoors, watching various TV shows and movies, or cooking.

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